About Us

Head of company OOO SKTB "SKiT" Evseykin Aleksey Aleksandrovich.

SKTB "SKiT" (in english: "Control Systems and Telematics") performs the design and development of high-tech equipment for various applications.

SKTB "SKiT" was founded on July, 2011 by experienced professionals in the field of circuit design and software development. The fields in which we have an experience of operating over a set of devices (which are used on real objects) are listed below.

  • A wide range of telecommunication equipment: from xDSL technology based transfering systems to Ethernet switches and PBXs.
  • Power supply systems; corrosion protection systems for pipelines; DC-to-DC converters; remote power supply systems and etc.
  • Industrial Control Systems; digital and analog IO devices; serial interface switches; PLCs with support of standards based programming languages.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Wide variety of software: device drivers for complex equipment support, the monitoring and control systems and etc.

SKTB "SKiT" is ready to perform a complete cycle of hardware and software development of any complexity by the customer's order. Our experts can perform all stages of product development:

  • Development and adjustment of technical requirements and technical specifications.
  • Development of fundamental schemes.
  • PCB layout design of any complexity (1-12 layers) and placing an order for their production.
  • Having our own mock production will reduce the time of obtaining samples products.
  • Development of software to support the equipment and implements applicable to complex problems.

At your request, the development may be carried out according to the standards of the aviation industry: DO-178B and DO-254.